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As I enjoy writing as much as designing clothes, I decided to give you, if possible once a month, a BLOG article (my new toy!) to let you discover the backstage of my work, my inspirations, my aspirations, my slights, my stories, my History.

Your feedback feeds me!

Don't hesitate to give me feedback on this aspect of my work too: it's another way to be in touch with me, it's always interesting to have your feedback and there's no doubt about it: it MOTIVATES me!

Who is this chick?!

So let's get to the heart of the matter and start at the beginning: how did the daughter of an Italian shoemaker and a half-Belgian, half-Russian French teacher become a stylist and entrepreneur? Nothing on this picture let it foreshadow...


But on this one, as my mother says, you can already feel the flirtatious side of the little girl in me: the hand raised like a princess, the graphic mini-dress but above all the decided air...



So, first of all, there is my father, an Italian, bon vivant, extreme, joyful. He has always been a craftsman. From glassblower to shoemaker, I've always known him with customers, leather, a passion for the beautiful, for the noble, harnessed to his sewing machine, relentless and an unconditional love for his very stylish wardrobe.



Secondly, my mother's passion for literature: I have been inspired by it in all my communication. Often, when I write, I hear my mother speaking.

Moreover, the pleasure I get from my sewing machine reminds me of the joy my mother used to get from typing on her own typewriter.

It was always my mother who, even though our family had limited means, allowed herself the pleasure of having dresses sewn that she had designed herself, at a local seamstress. A real Proust's madeleine, these moments between women, of joy and creativity.


Here are my parents: my Belgian-Russian mother, intellectual, reserved, spiritual and past, my father, Italian, joyful, delirious, impulsive, extroverted. I am the sweet mixture of this hot-cold...



My great-grandparents from Russia were also into fabrics: they were breeders of Astrakhan sheep in Russia! I inherited a third of one of these coats; but that's another story, for another article perhaps...



What can I say about my Milanese aunt, my father's sister. Born in a very poor Italian village, very soon Nella had to work, at the age of twelve, to support her numerous brothers and sisters. She started as a hairdresser and after a few years, thanks to her unwavering willpower, she ended up opening the most prominent beauty salon in Milan! When I went there as a child, I was fascinated by this world populated exclusively by women who took care of themselves, pampered themselves and, above all, were of a beauty and elegance that was rare in my eyes. My aunt had a major impact on my life. I will also come back to this in another article as there is so much to say...

It took me a while to find my way....


First, I passed my 3-year Bachelor's degree as an Executive Assistant with great distinction. However, my first year of work was a little less distinguished by the deplorable quality of my work, which matched my deep boredom with this type of livelihood. My need for creativity was stifled and I remember how frightening it was to imagine myself stuck, for life, in an administrative job that didn't suit me at all.

On my umpteenth trip to the Canary Islands to get away from the meaninglessness of my existence, I realized that the frantic flight of my being on vacation would never bring me the joy I had known as a child. The joy of having a meaning in my life. I decided to go back to school to hopefully find a profession that would make sense to me.



Thinking of my mother's joy in teaching, my love for literature, my facility with the French language, my excellent spelling acquired through daily dictations (Oh my God...), I decided to shake off the torpor of this soporific first professional year by launching myself into the study of Romance Philology (French Letters) at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

I experienced this moment as a real liberation: the freedom of thought of the teachers, the interest I felt in the subjects I was studying, the exciting encounters with other young people who were passionate, interesting, funny, brilliant and ambitious won me over. 



The first few weeks, I was pinching myself, so much so that I realized how lucky I was to have a mother and grandmother who supported me, both morally and financially, in my determination to make my own mark on this earth and my resolve to be happy.




November 05, 2019 — natacha Cadonici



Moira said:

A quand la suite … ?


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Nella Cadonici

Nella Cadonici said:

Bellissimo blog sei una grande in tutti i sensi è questa voglia di raccontarti è una grande avventura del tuo spirito,mi piace tanto ,mi piace il mio capitolo per quello che sono riuscita a capire mi sento molto onorata è commossa per il legame che ci unisce e l’affetto,ricambiato ,che nutri per me .Grazie mio diavoletto,dolce e tenero il ricordo di papà…tutta la avessi avuto una figlia l’avrei voluta esattamente come te ..estroversa ,allegra piena di idee ,intelligente,intellettuale non noiosa ,colta ma tantissimo divertente 😂 😂 Continua così avrai un grande successo..bravissima 👏👏👏un abbraccio ❤️️🤗😜😘👍👍


Manon said:

super article !
toujours un plaisir de te lire !

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