How to choose your size at Natacha Cadonici?

Either way, since most designs (except skirts and pants) are made from stretch knit, you are unlikely to get the wrong size. If you refer to the table of measurements, do not forget that your measurements must not coincide exactly with those of the top, the sweater or the dress: a margin of + - 6-8 cm is allowed between your measurements and those of creation.
For skirts and pants, a tolerance of + - 4cm between your measurements and those in the table is allowed. These cut very generously at the buttocks.

Three methods to find out your height at Natacha Cadonici

1. Intuition

At Natacha Cadonici, we cut generously, especially for skirts and pants. We will always advise you to take your usual size.
When you are between two sizes, between 36 and 38 for example, we advise you to choose the smaller size.
We give you more recommendations directly on our product pages.

2. With a tape measure, taking your measurements directly against the skin.

For the more patient among you, ask the most careful person you know to take your measurements. Here is a small explanatory video on taking the measurement:

3. Me!

If ever you have not found your size, do not hesitate to contact me:  or give me a call: 00 32 478 289 747. I will be happy to help you!