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How I was looking forward to meet you in the writing...
How I was over-excited to shout out loud to you:


And yes, it is that I put a lot of heart to work, time & energy on these new pearls... Not to disappoint you but especially because I have fun creating....

Anna Sweater SMI/MO

Pull chaud en laine local étique réversible styliste belge bruxelloise shopping à bruxelles shopping Brussels Styliste belge créatrice de mode

In terms of materials, I found new treasures such as this 100% wool jersey, Italian (it doesn't spoil anything for a wop...), "cerulean blue", and speckled with a dozen bright, joyful and invigorating colors for this fall-winter! So, you can associate it with everything: jeans, black, a blue skirt, green etc. Everything is allowed with this fabric & this model!
And as you know, the comfort of my creations, worthy of a luxurious pyjama, is one of my prerequisites when I select the materials. Well, here again, I surpassed myself: I doubled this softness with an ultra soft & fine viscose to give it an ultra cozy side on the skin, without this having any impact on its final price...

As for the ribbed edge, do I need to elaborate?

pull en laine réversible confortable local éthique production locale handmade in Belgium in Brussels Fait main laine européenne bord côte rib orange fluo

I have them woven in France with an unfailing assiduity. I draw, imagine, mix improbable colors, test my ideas, prototype galore, discard the "so-so" ones, improve the "not-bad" ones until I obtain the "perfect molotov color cocktail" to radiate light, softness, punch and joy on your face.

This one is still my best-seller:
  • a dollop of ecru to brighten up even the darkest colors,
  • a zest of bright mango to give a subtle and juicy graphic line,
  • a dash of fluorescent orange to radiate your skin with sunshine
  • and a hint of copper lurex thread between the two to give it elegance!

And that's it... the trick is done. Pure but not so simple to imagine...

Eugène Sweater V/PV

pull vert canard bleu canard laine Europe qualité Quality Belgian fashion designer créatrice de mode belge bruxelles Brussels shopping réversible chaud lumineux étique local ethical local

As for colors, I am happy to present you this duck green that I had dyed at my wool supplier especially for you!
I'm so happy with this color: it's a change from my timeless classics but it's still a timeless color that goes with all skin tones, all irises..., all hair colors. This 100% wool fabric has been pre-washed by Bibi at 20° to guarantee you a machine wash at 20° without any bad surprise... What a luxury... I know, I know (clap!)

handmade in Belgium in brussels pull en laine bleu canard vert canard réversible local éthique réversible reversible ethical

Obviously, it would fall into oblivion if I hadn't mixed it with this water blue velvet jersey that brings light, softness and graphic design to this already-best-seller since I sold it in store in June...

pull en laine Europe réversible reversible handmade in brussels in Belgium ribs

Finally, it would not have its panache without this new ribbed edge of which I am not little proud: it changes from my usual fluorescent orange while keeping the artistic line of my strengths: offbeat minimalism, brightness, warmth, grace ...

Here you are:
  • my asymmetrical lines that are now part of my brand's DNA,
  • my favorite colors but also new tones (like the Cara Top),
  • basic twisted but timeless,
  • The ribbed edges that bring joy and will give light to your face even if the weather is rotten-rotten.

Investing in NC means choosing comfort, know-how, ancestral craftsmanship, design, self-confidence, femininity, timelessness, sustainable development, reversibility, ethics, authenticity, human values and so on. 

And who knows... maybe in a few decades, they will be worth their weight in gold at an auction... It's ambitious, I admit, but I believe it!
See you soon! Natacha


1. Some series are VERY LIMITED.
You can know if your favorite is part of this category in the "Details" section of the product sheet in the eshop: it will say "NO RESTOCKING".

2. All models are produced in VERY SMALL SERIES: 15 max per color.
For these pieces, the restocking & the semi-sizing is possible until October 21st. After this deadline, my workshop will be unavailable.
But don't panic, my alterer will transform what needs to be transformed and my seamstress will be back on deck for the production of the SS 2020 collection from January onwards, for a flawless production, as always... You don't change a team that has been winning for 10 years...
October 10, 2019 — natacha Cadonici

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