Natacha Cadonici’s brand was launched in 2006 with the idea to offer a Slow Fashion Brand for modern women who are looking for unique-designer clothes.

We always keep in mind to design clothes:


natacha cadonici - portraitBeeing a novel and French language lover, I first studied Roman Linguistic and Literature at the Brussels University in 2000. Teaching French & philosophy to teenagers has been very interesting but not my cup of tea. Much too impatient for that hard job!

I then discovered the pleasure to work with my brain and my hands sewing a week-end with a friend who was studying scenography at La Cambre. The pleasure I had doing it, exploded in my mind so much that I decided to follow Fashion Design courses at Saint-Luc first just for pleasure, without any purpose in mind.

Finishing Saint-Luc in 2004, I was first Costume Designer for different directors. I liked it so much 'cause it was the perfect intersection between my 2 passions.

But when I created some tops that were missing in my own wardrobe and that I presented them at the Parcours Stylistes of Mad Brussels, the success was at the door immediately. Beeing nominated by Mad Brussels as Promising Young Designer in 2007, 2008, 2009, helped me to gain insurance and new clients.

Since then, I never stopped developing the brand with passion and enthusiasm!